Our Story

Back in the day when The Gussy founder Jamie Brown wore much of her disposable income on her back, she splurged on a fancy purse. You know what I mean – a REALLY fancy purse. This purse was so fancy it came with its own customized rain cover. Pretty soon, she found herself putting that rain cover into whatever purse she was carrying that day, knowing her purse would be safe if she were caught in the rain (she was also very bad about checking out the weather forecast!).


Whenever it would rain, women would stop her to rave about her clever rain cover. It didn’t take her long to realize that women should be able to have this accessory in their lives – and without having to buy a purse that costs a month’s salary!


And that’s how The Gussy rain cover was born. We’ve designed The Gussy to work with lots of different purse styles – hobos, top handle bags, you name it. Who says you can only be “gussied up” when it’s sunny out? Embrace the Rain.